Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Aerated concrete is a lightweight, porous building material, consisting of sand, lime, water and a small addition of aluminum powder. For years, it is the most widely used material wall in Poland.


Prefabrication of concrete are products made in the factory which are then, together with other elements, are part of a larger structure. It covers a wide range of assortments mass produced, from small to large blocks and prestressed elements in the ending.


EAACA Strategy on Executive Committee

11-12.06.2015 Assembly Szymbark

On 11-12 June 2015, the Assembly held Szymbarku Section ABK. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Henryk Teus – Chairman of Prefabet Oslawa Dabrowa.

Meeting of the Section of Concrete

25-26.05.2015 Poznań

On 25-26 May 2015 in Poznan held a Meeting of the Section of Concrete. Section Meeting was held at the invitation of Mr. Przemysław Borek – Chairman of Pekabex Bet.

Warsaw University of Technology Seminar


On April 22, 2015. at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology held another seminar for students "Sustainable construction prefabricated" were presented companies: Ergon Poland, Solbet, Chryso Poland, H + H Poland, Pekabex Bet, Department of Construction Elements, Astra - Benedykt Karczewski. 

The meeting of the Council CPA


On 8 April 2015. AGH held a meeting Council Concrete Producers Association. The initiative a meeting came from of the Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics - Prof. Jerzy Lis, and was intended to discuss the possibilities of cooperation between industry and university in the use of EU funds.

Seminar at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz


On 9 March 2015. held another seminar for students organized by our Association. The seminar was held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Technology and Environmental Sciences in Bydgoszcz were presented companies: Pekabex, Solbet, Chryso Poland,  Prefabet Osława, Precon Poland, Ergon Poland, Department of Construction Elements, Astra - Benedykt Karczewski. 

JUBILEE 20th anniversary of the CPA

On 11 December 2014, in the Hall Ludwikowska Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw the 20th Anniversary Concrete Producers Association. The ceremony ended with a performance art group "Not 4 Sale" and a banquet. The meeting brought together 82 people, including invited guests from home and abroad, representatives of science, industry associations, the press, SPB Honorary Members and members of the Association.