Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Aerated concrete is a lightweight, porous building material, consisting of sand, lime, water and a small addition of aluminum powder. For years, it is the most widely used material wall in Poland.


Prefabrication of concrete are products made in the factory which are then, together with other elements, are part of a larger structure. It covers a wide range of assortments mass produced, from small to large blocks and prestressed elements in the ending.


Meeting of Section ABK 16 - 17/06/2016 Trutnov

On 16th - 17th June. Trutnov was held Meeting of the Section of Concrete Cellular Concrete Producers Association. The meeting was hosted Miro Peteja President PORFIX Slovakia.

Meeting of Section Concrete 16-17.05.2016 Swieradow Zdroj

On 16 - May 17, 2016 Swieradow Zdroj was held Meeting of the Section of Concrete . The meeting was hosted President Comfort SA Mr. Grzegorz Bajek.

Seminar at the Technical University of Lodz

On May 11, 2016 was held a seminar for 21 students organized by the Association of Concrete Producers. The seminar was held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering Technical University of Lodz. Like previous seminars also aimed to popularize knowledge about the industry precast concrete and cellular concrete in Poland and Europe

Seminar on Rzeszów University of Technology

April 26, 2016 year at the Rzeszów University of Technology held another seminar for students organized by Concrete Producers Association. The purpose of this meeting was to promote knowledge about the industry precast concrete and autoclaved cellular concrete in Poland and Europe.


Structural design of concrete walls phone Notebook 2.1 and 2.2

In February 2016 Concrete Producers Association  was released another booklet "Design construction of cellular concrete." Booklet is a relevant material preparing  in view of designers and constructors, so that using this study had a complete knowledge necessary for the design of structural concrete cellular walls.

Notebook 2 , Part 2, Fri. " Fabrication - quality durability , diversity - structural work carried out with the bar elements "

In 2015 December. It was released the second part of the Notebook 2 , Fri. " Prefabrication - Quality durability , diversity - structural work carried out with the bar elements " . 


10 - 11.10.2017r.

Serock k / Warszawy Hotel "Narvil"

"Precast concrete and cellular concrete in modern construction"

We invite you to participate in the 5th Conference of the Concrete Producers Association, which are resuming organized by us in the years 1999 - 2007 cycle "Conference Zegrzyńskich" devoted to issues of precast concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete. They enjoyed great interest and appreciation of the environment associated with the construction and building materials industry.

To meet the demands addressed to us, we decided that the theme of the Conference was to determine the place and role of precast concrete and cellular concrete in modern construction. Both industries play an important role in the construction industry. Aerated concrete over the years is the undisputed leader being the most widely used material wall in Poland. Prefabrication of concrete while thanks to his undeniable qualities can make an important contribution to the development of housing, especially for rental housing. Both industries in recent years has undergone a complete renovation, becoming a modern record companies producing high-quality products that meet the requirements of modern construction. Capabilities and qualities concrete industry we want to devote our conference. During the conference will be presented papers prepared by national and foreign specialists showing the directions of development of the construction industry, the possibility of constructing and using precast concrete and cellular concrete in modern construction including architectural solutions.

The conference is addressed to a wide range of architects, designers, builders, investors, contractors, the scientific community, producers and other participants in the construction process.

The place of the conference is hotel "Narvil" in Serock k / Warszawy is a combination of the elegant, modern conference center and an exclusive spa, providing a comfortable atmosphere and to establish friendly relations meeting participants.

More organizational details will be announced shortly. Hoping to meet with you, please reserve the date in your diaries conference.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Józef M. Kostrzewski
President of the Association
Ryszard Zając