Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Aerated concrete is a lightweight, porous building material, consisting of sand, lime, water and a small addition of aluminum powder. For years, it is the most widely used material wall in Poland.


Prefabrication of concrete are products made in the factory which are then, together with other elements, are part of a larger structure. It covers a wide range of assortments mass produced, from small to large blocks and prestressed elements in the ending.


VI Conference "SPB 2019"

VI Conference of the Concrete Producers Association "Aerated concrete and precast concrete in modern construction" was held on October 8-9. at the Narvil hotel in Serock.

359 people participated in the conference. This turnout again exceeded our expectations. The invitation addressed mainly to the environment of architects, designers, constructors and contractors was extremely positively received, just as two years ago we exceeded the assumed number of participants. 12 papers ordered from outstanding specialists from Poland and abroad were delivered. They concerned the issues of architecture, design, execution and research related to the precast concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete industries. An extremely interesting paper was presented by prof. Grzegorz Kołodko, who spoke about the conditions of Poland's economic development as well as about the global economic situation. In the opinion of conference participants, the opinion that the selection of papers was accurately matched definitely prevailed. As a result, the participants listened with interest to the presentations given by the authors during the conference.

Monograph on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of SPB

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Concrete Producers Association, a monograph SPB was issued

Meeting of construction engineers

On November 22 at the University Library in Warsaw, the 6th edition of the Poland-wide CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTIONS 2019 conference will take place. The honorary patronage of the event was taken by the Chamber of Civil Engineers, Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians, Chamber of Construction Design, Warsaw University of Technology and the Association of Polish Architects. The conference partners are: DAFA Association of Flat Roof Contractors and Facades, Association of Building Structural Designers, Association of Concrete Producers.

Meeting of the EAACA Executive Committee

On 18-19 June 2019, Poland hosted the meeting of the EAACA Executive Committee. In the Polonia Palace Hotel, a group of 15 people met at a gala dinner, and the next day participated in the deliberations.

Assembly of the Concrete Section

On 13 - 14 June 2019, the Assembly of the Concrete Section was held in Toruń. On the first day, participants visited selected rooms of the Cultural and Congress Center Jordanki and listened to detailed information on the construction of the facility.

Assembly of the ABK Section

On June 6, 2019, the Assembly of the ABK Section was held. The meeting consisted of two parts. In the first part, the members of the ABK Section discussed the current state of preparations for the 6th Conference "SPB 2019", the conference application MK Conference, the Media Builder offer and the issue related to the carbonation of ABK.