VI Conference "SPB 2019"

VI Conference 'SPB 2019'

VI Conference of the Concrete Producers Association "Aerated concrete and precast concrete in modern construction" was held on October 8-9. at the Narvil hotel in Serock.

359 people participated in the conference. This turnout again exceeded our expectations. The invitation addressed mainly to the environment of architects, designers, constructors and contractors was extremely positively received, just as two years ago we exceeded the assumed number of participants. 12 papers ordered from outstanding specialists from Poland and abroad were delivered. They concerned the issues of architecture, design, execution and research related to the precast concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete industries. An extremely interesting paper was presented by prof. Grzegorz Kołodko, who spoke about the conditions of Poland's economic development as well as about the global economic situation. In the opinion of conference participants, the opinion that the selection of papers was accurately matched definitely prevailed. As a result, the participants listened with interest to the presentations given by the authors during the conference.

As usual, the financing of the conference played an important role in the preparation and conduct of the conference. The formula of our conferences assumes the admission of participants at the expense of producers - members of the Association, who indicated the architects, designers, etc. cooperating with them, inviting them to the conference at their expense. Interest in the conference meant that we also decided to give the opportunity to participate others, specifying the cost of participation fee. Thanks go to conference sponsors. These titles were acquired by 19 members of our organization and 4 entities from the industry of binding building materials. Special thanks go to the Platinum Sponsor of the conference - Solbet Capital Group.

During the conference, the audience listened with interest to the panel discussion entitled "Why the world needs sustainable construction". The timeliness of this topic and the topics raised in it, as well as the selection of a moderator and panelists, meant that conference participants could hear discussions about the world's most-important problems today. The conference was also accompanied by an exhibition of award-winning diploma works of university students in the country. The jury consisting of representatives of science and industry assessed these works and the nine best students during the conference were awarded with cash prizes funded by SPB. Promoters of these works received occasional diplomas. It was an extremely nice touch, well received by students who had the opportunity to participate in the conference. In connection with the 25th anniversary of the Concrete Producers Association, a Jubilee session was organized, which was graced by the performance of world-famous tenor Wiesław Ochman. Summing up the conference, the President of the Association Ryszard Zając said that the conference was very well prepared, both in terms of organization and content. It aroused interest and was positively assessed by participants. The success of this conference obliges to continue and announced the next, VII conference in two years, in the same place. We assume that in December conference participants will receive post-conference materials published in the form of a monograph, in which all delivered and submitted papers will be presented. A summary of the conference will be made and we will present a photo service of its course. The Conference Organizing Committee thanks the participants for cooperation in preparation and active participation in the conference.   For the Organizing Committee: Józef M. Kostrzewski - Chairman Anna Głębocka - Member of the Committee