Seminar "Wroclaw Prefabrication Day"

Seminar 'Wroclaw Prefabrication Day'

On September 24, 2020 in Wrocław, a seminar for designers, architects, developers and the scientific community from the Lower Silesian Voivodeship was held, entitled "Wrocław prefabrication day".

It is an initiative of the following local producers of concrete prefabrication and cellular concrete, ie: Betard, Goldbeck Comfort, Jordahl & Pfeifer, Xella Polska, ZPB Kaczmarek. The patronage over this event was taken by the Concrete Producers Association.

The seminar was started by Mr. Zbigniew Maćków, who presented "Architect's Reflections on Prefabrication." This outstanding architect with recognized achievements presented his thoughts on prefabrication, supported by many projects also implemented in Wrocław. They met with great interest of the seminar participants.

Then, the presidents Krzysztof Janczura and Piotr Dauksza presented brief information on concrete prefabrication and aerated concrete in Poland and the current situation on the building materials market.

During the meeting, information on concrete prefabrication and ABK prepared by local producers was also presented. Krzysztof Janczura presented "Intelligent hidden connections of prefabricated elements on the example of Jordahl & Pfeifer".

Paulina Śnieżyk and Grzegorz Śmiertka from the ZPB Kaczmarek company presented "Construction objects with the use of prefabricated double composite walls".

After a short break, Wojciech Łasut introduced the audience to "Effective construction on the example of Xella products".

Bartłomiej Matusiak and Piotr Szymanowski from the Betard company presented "Residential buildings in concrete prefabrication".

At the end, Grzegorz Bajek informed about "Prefabricated modular concrete spatial objects on the example of Goldbeck Comfort".

All presentations were broadcast on the Internet and will be available on the YouTube channel.

117 people attended the meeting, and the online broadcast was followed by around 40 listeners.