Resolving the SPB quiz

 Resolving the SPB quiz

On March 15, the quiz of the Concrete Producers Association organized as part of the Education with Industry BUILDER cycle under the slogan TWO FACES, ONE FUTURE OF CELLULAR CONCRETE AND CONCRETE PREFABRICATION was resolved.

Thank you for the numerous submissions. The BUILDER editorial staff will contact the winners in a private message to arrange the transfer of the prizes. Congratulations!

We present the correct answers below.

At what thickness an unplastered aerated concrete wall achieves a fire resistance of REI 240❓

-17.5 cm


What are the areas of use of concrete prefabrication in modern construction?

-Public construction (e.g. stadiums, parking lots, churches),

-Industrial construction (e.g. factory and warehouse halls, multi-purpose containers, tanks),

- Infrastructure construction (e.g. roads and bridges, tunnels, energy, sanitation and sewage),

-Residential construction (single-family buildings, multi-family buildings)