Quiz 5 Education with the industry

Quiz 5 Education with the industry

Ahead of you is another quiz organized together with Builder as part of the Education with Industry program.

Quizzes organized seminars and webinars are designed to prepare students for the competition "Two faces of one future of aerated concrete and concrete prefabrication", the settlement of which will be held during the "SPB 2022" conference in October 2022.

Monthly questions will be posted and a winner will be chosen each time. The prizes in each of the quizzes are advertising gadgets of the members of the Association.


  1. What is the longest length of aerated concrete elements available in Poland

a) 62.5 cm

b) 59.9 cm

c) over 8 m

  1. Can prefabricated reinforced concrete products be colored?

We are waiting for answers until January 16 this year. at: b4f@buildercorp.pl


Competition regulations: https://tiny.pl/99jbp