Quiz 6 Education with the industry

Quiz 6 Education with the industry

We invite you to participate in the next quiz in the # EdukacjazBranżą series, organized together with the Builder. The task is to send answers to the questions by e-mail b4f@buildercorp.pl.

The three fastest and most accurate answers will be rewarded. We have also planned a special prize for the person who will answer all the questions published during the quizzes.

The prizes in the quiz are gadgets funded by SPB members and publications from the Builder library.


  1. The higher the density of aerated concrete blocks

a) the higher their thermal conductivity coefficient

b) the higher the heat transfer coefficient of the partition built of these blocks

c) the higher the value of thermal resistance of the construction layer of the partition

  1. How to connect a prefabricated balcony with a prestressed ceiling? Give any example.

We wait until February 11, 2022 for answers to the sixth quiz.