Seminar Kielce University of Technology

Seminar Kielce University of Technology

On 24 October 20164 on. Held another seminar for students organized by our association. The seminar was held at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Kielce University of Technology. Like previous seminars also aimed to popularize knowledge about the industry precast concrete and autoclaved cellular concrete in Poland and Europe.

In the first part of the seminar, after opening and welcomed the participants by Dr. hab. Eng. George Wawrzeńczyk prof. PSK. and Ireneusz Janik - Vice-President of the Association of Concrete Producers, Director Joseph Kostrzewski presented information on the history of precast concrete industry and AAC in Poland, SPB activities and cooperation with European organizations EAACA, BIBM. Then a representative of the company Pekabex - Mr. Michael Bors presented "Modern constructions of prefabricated elements," and the President Ireneusz Janik presented "prefabricated multi-storey car in Kielce."

In the second part of the seminar przedstrawiciel company H + H Poland - Mr. Paul Sanigórski presented "Autoclaved aerated concrete in the light of sustainable development", while Anna Spandlowska of Solbet Stalowa Wola made a presentation of the company. At the conclusion of Mr. Michael Szymanski of Chryso Poland presented a paper on. "Modern chemical additives - overcoming barriers in terms of the production of precast concrete."

In the vicinity of the assembly hall was prepared exhibition, which exhibited banners, boards, etc. The stands were lined with books to promote ABK and prefabrication of concrete, publications, advertising materials and leaflets individual companies. The seminar was attended by about 120 people