Seminar at the Polytechnic of Opole

Seminar at the Polytechnic of Opole

On April 26, 2017, twenty-fourth student seminar organized by our Association took place. The meeting took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Opole University of Technology. The aim of the seminar was to popularize knowledge about the industry of prefabrication of concrete and autoclaved cellular concrete in Poland and Europe.

In the first part of the seminar, after the opening and welcoming of the participants by dr inż. Wiesław Baran, Ph.D. Arkadiusz Mordak and Józef Kostrzewski - Director of the Association of Concrete Producers Association started the presentation block on general issues related to concrete prefabrication and ABK. In this part Director Józef Kostrzewski presented information on SPB activities, cooperation with European organizations EAACA, BIBM and the current undertakings of the Association. Then Fabud WKB representative - Mr. Bronislaw Bichalski presented "Contemporary prefabricated structures". Mr. Tomasz Rybarczyk of the Solbet Capital Group discussed "Autoclaved cellular concrete in the light of sustainable development", while Mr. Michał Szymański from Chryso Polska presented "Modern chemical admixtures. Overcoming the barriers in the manufacture of prefabricated concrete ".

In the second part of the seminar, the representative of H + H Polska - Mr. Rafał Malczyk made a presentation of H + H Polska and Mr. Jan Makuszewski presented "Prefabricated multi-storey car park in Kielce". Then a representative of Construsoft - Mr. Rafał Krzymowski gave the lecture "Use of BIM software in prefabrication on the example of Tekla Structures". In conclusion, Mr. Benedykt Karczewski presented Astra's capabilities.

In the neighborhood of the auditorium there was an exhibition where banners, boards, etc. were displayed. At the stands were ABK promoting and prefabrication works, publications, advertising materials and leaflets of individual companies. Approximately 110 people attended the seminar