Seminar at the Higher School of Agrobusiness in Łomża

Seminar at the Higher School of Agrobusiness in Łomża

On May 27, 2017 at the Faculty of Building of the Higher School of Agrobusiness in Lomza there were 25 seminars for students. The purpose of this meeting was to popularize knowledge about the industry of prefabrication of concrete and autoclaved cellular concrete in Poland.

The opening and welcoming of the participants of the training were: Dr inż. Andrzej Borusiewicz - Deputy Dean for Didactics and Jerzy Michalak - Member of the Association of Concrete Producers Association.

In the first part of the seminar, Director Józef Kostrzewski presented information on SPB activities and cooperation with European organizations. Mr. Jarosław Ruczyński from Gralbet presented "Contemporary Prefabricated Structures" and Mr. Jacek Chojnowski from Prefbet, Śniadowo presented "Autoclaved Cellular Concrete in Sustainable Development." At the end of the first part of the meeting, President Antoni Chojnowski presented a 25- The company Prefbet Śniadowo.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to concrete admixtures. In this block, the activities of their companies and manufactured products presented: pp. Jacek Błoński - President of Chryso Polska and Benedykt Karczewski - President of Astra. Jan Makuszewski presented a film about the realization of the Kielce Fabrics Factory.

In the neighborhood of the auditorium there was an exhibition where products, banners, boards, etc. were displayed. At the stands of the companies, there were publications, advertising materials and leaflets of individual companies. At the Association's stand there were also presentations promoting concrete prefabrication and cellular concrete. About 100 people attended the meeting.