The association is a partner of the competition for the development of a prefabricated housing system.

    • Rising housing prices in Poland are the result of, among others to base the construction process on outdated technologies, the lack of a sufficient number of employees and unstable prices of building materials.
    • The aim of the Mieszkanie Plus program is to reduce the cost of housing production on the market.

    Hence the need to radically increase the share of modern prefabrication, which will allow for the increase in the efficiency of implemented housing investments.

    • A competition for the development of a prefabricated housing system has been launched as part of the Mieszkanie Plus program. The development of modern, repeatable technological solutions will allow the entire market to increase the scale of implemented investments and reduce their costs.


    The competition aims to prepare the basis for the full use of technological potential and the implementation of modern prefabricated housing in Poland. The subject of the competition is the development of a prefabricated housing system, in accordance with the basic typology of buildings on the basis of previously prepared solutions and architectural guidelines. The prefabricated building system should limit the time required for work and be technically and technologically consistent.

    - We expect that the first, exemplary implementation, conducted on the basis of the prefabricated housing system and architectural and urban design project on the plot chosen by us, will break stereotypes and create a new image of prefabricated construction - said Grzegorz Muszyński, vice-president of BGK Nieruchomości. - For the creation of a new image of prefabricated housing, not only the adopted technical and technological solutions, but also what will come from them, ie good quality architecture, will play an important role.Prefabrication is a modern and effective form of construction, which can help to effectively solve the problem of housing shortages and rising labor costs, while maintaining high standards of investments. The challenge is that housing estates from the so-called a large slab, focused on the number of flats being built, not their quality, for many years distorted the image of prefabricated construction in Poland. Due to the errors made at the time, this construction has become a synonym of anonymous and monotonous space and low architectural standard.- Recognizing the possibility of using prefabrication technology in the Mieszkanie Plus program is a very rational approach to solving housing construction problems in Poland - said Jan Styliński, president of the Polish Association of Construction Employers. - Contemporary prefabrication is an effective form of housing, used in many highly developed European countries. A modern and fast method of building houses in prefabricated technologies will certainly contribute to increasing efficiency in the implementation of investments.The logic of the solutions adopted in the competition is different than generally accepted in the Polish design process. First, elements will be created, on their base - sections of buildings, and only at the end will the final building be created. Contest participants will have to indicate, among others possible configurations of building systems, assuming various settings in relation to the world sides of caged, corridor, point and gallery buildings. The aim is to make as diverse buildings as possible from the smallest number of types of repetitive elements.- Poland has enormous potential in the development of prefabricated technologies. Our producers have been present for many years in extremely demanding Scandinavian markets, where prefabrication is a standard in the implementation of housing investments - emphasized Józef Kostrzewski, director of the Concrete Producers Association. - I hope that the competition organized by BGKN will prove that prefabrication is possible to ensure high quality of buildings and increase the investment pricing efficiency. Thanks to this, prefabrication can return to the favor of architects and investors.The competition is organized by BGK Nieruchomości, in cooperation with, among others with the Polish Association of Construction Employers and the Association of Concrete Producers. The deadline for submitting applications to the competition is September 17 this year. The announcement of the results of the competition is planned on December 14.Link to the application form in the competition