Cooperation between of CPA and civil engineering faculties the schools in Poland

CPA began cooperation with high schools aimed of popularization knowledge and practice of precast concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete industries for the students environment. On this CPA prepared a map location high schools and concrete industry companies the members of CPA which are locally connected. In this way we selected 16 of high schools in Poland where the seminaries would take place.

The seminary has three main blocks:

1. Information about precast concrete industry and autoclaved aerated concrete industry in Poland, Concrete Producers Association activity and the cooperation with European institutions and organizations – lecturer Jozef Kostrzewski – Office Director of CPA.

2. Precast Concrete and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete – technical description of product, standardization, quality of production, technology and application – lecturers – experts from CPA:

Precast concrete area:
Krzysztof Janczura – Jordahl Pfeiffer
Jędrzej Zdziechowski - Consolis
Przemysław Borek – Pekabex
Marcin Landman – Gralbet
Grzegorz Bajek – Comfort
Robert Walkowiak - Chryso
Benedykt Karczewski – Astra

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete area:
Tomasz Rybarczyk – Solbet

3. Presentation of the members locally connected to high schools.

The seminary will be accompanied exhibition of CPA and the members of CPA presentation of products, advertisement materials, publications etc. The newspaper “ Materiały Budowlane” the press realize of each seminary will be prepared.


On 14-16 April 2010, a training of the AAC Section of Concrete Producers Association took place in Zakopane with scientific presentations as follows:

- Prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Małolepszy - "Physical and chemical properties of fly-ashes from fluidized without combustion" - Wydział Inżynierii Materiałowej i Ceramiki Katedra Technologii Materiałów Budowlanych Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie
- doc. dr inż. Genowefa Zapotoczna-Sytek - "Possible applications of fly-ashes for the AAC production" - Instytut Ceramiki i Materiałów Budowlanych ODDZIAŁ BETONÓW – CEBET w Warszawie
- dr inż. Svetozár Balcovic - "Long-term observation of AAC based on fluid-ash" - PORFIX Słowacja
- dr inż. Piotr Gębarowski - "Planned changes in the Building Products Act" - Instytut Ceramiki i Materiałów Budowlanych ODDZIAŁ BETONÓW – CEBET w Warszawie
- mgr inż. Ryszard Zając - "Lintels and U-bodies – production and application" - SOLBET Stalowa Wola.


On 24 March 2009, a seminar in which 32 persons participated took place in Warsaw. It was directed at persons responsible for technical affairs in concrete plants. In the seminar, representatives of the Institute of Construction Technology as well as COBRPB "CEBET", the leading research and certification units in Poland, participated as the lecturers.

At the seminar, 6 lectures were given:

  • Prof Adam Zb. Pawłowski, PhD Ireneusz Cała - Warsaw University of Technology - "New technology in pre-stressed concrete - concrete possibilities",
  • MSc Helena Bartos - Research and Development Center For Concrete Industry "CEBET" - "Certification of hollow core floor slabs according to PN- EN 1168 norm - producers problems",
  • PhD Antoni Ostromęcki - Research and Development Center For Concrete Industry "CEBET" - leading concrete research - "Research on loading hollow core floor slabs according to PN- EN 1168",
  • MSc Zbigniew Gałkowski - Building Research Institute - "Entroducing construction materials to turnover and use",
  • Prof Mirosław Kosiorek - Building Research Institute - "Selected issues concerning loading construction in the fayer condition",
  • MSc Kamil Pawłowski - member of Technical Committee 195 - "Reviewing norms for concrete as well as changes predicted for 2009/2010".