EAACA was established in 1988 to present the interests of its own members and domestic associations in Europe.
One hundred factories in 18 EAACA membership countries 16 mln m³ of AAC produced by EAACA out of which 330 000 flats can be built.

Autoclaved aerated concrete ( AAC ), also known as aircrete in the UK, in Poland cellular concete, siporex, etc., is a very strong but lightweight and easy to use construction material, which is well suited for exterior and interior environments alike. AAC has been known for more than 70 years and it is currently produced in all EU Member States. Aerated concrete is created in a pressurised steam chamber, know as an autoclave, which gives AAC its strength.

EAACA Secretariat:
Kochstrasse 6-7, 10969 Berlin, Germany
phone: +49 30 25928214 , fax: +49 30 25928264
email:, website:

SPB has been a member of EAACA since 1996


BIBM (from French "Bureau International du Béton Manufacturé")
International Federation for the Precast Concrete

BIBM was established in 1954 to present interests of European precast concrete producers.

BIBM Members:
- domestic associations of concrete industry;
- regional or specialized products associations;
- individual companies in countries which have no domestic, regional or specialized associations.

The European concrete industry generated the value of production of more than 30 billion Euros, produced in 8000 production plants by constantly employed 200 000 workers.

Concrete is an excellent combination of tradition together with progress in designing a new building construction. From pavement elements which we use everyday to big blocks thanks to which we build houses, concrete is a part of our everyday life.

BIBM Secretariat:

rue d'Arlon, 55 (6th Floor) B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

phone: +32 2 340 1828
email:, website: