About Us

CONCRETE PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION is an voluntary and independent organization of legal personality,  established in 1994.

ASSOCIATION concentrates companies producing concrete, as well as accompanying research and design units and producers of materials and equipment construction.

The members of the Association is producers authority of Precast Concrete and AAC as well as cooperating companies and companies as legal subject.

The Association represents interests of concrete industry in the common range of all members subject related to domestic state authorities and local, as well as domestic and foreign associations and institutions.

The association has two trade sections :
- Concrete SECTION,
- AAC Section.

The Association is a member of the European Autoclaved Aerated Association (EAACA) since 1996 and the International Federation for the Precast Concrete (BIBM) since 2007.

The Logo of the association with the B letter in the middle underlines the importance which Concrete Producers Associations members attach to questions of quality and safety of the construction concrete production.

Since the establishment, the association has been taking up activities aiming promotion and progress of concrete industry, including: organizing contests, conferences, publishing and training activities as well as others initiatives focusing on changing the image of concrete industry. Since 1998, scientific-technical conferenes concerning problems of concrete are periodically organized. The latest 4th International Conference took place in Zegrze in 2007 and it assembled 190 designers, architects, investors, representatives of scientific circles, foreign guests, representatives of domestic and foreign press. Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology and Białystok University of Technology were also invited.

Besides of contests and conferences, the Association aims at reaching numerous members of the investment process through its editors activity. The Association published two editions of Guide for cellular concrete users, as well as Guide for floors designers. Moreover, since 2001 the Association has been publishing a 15 thousand Copies magazine promoting AAC titled Guide for designing and building in cellular concrete.  Till today has been edited 11 numbers of this popular magazine. In 2008, the 6th edition of "Porenbeton Handbuch" had been published by the AAC German Concrete Producers Association was published. In February the Polish version was published. In 2009, the Association got permission for translation from English the handbook a Little Book of Concrete, which is "Książeczka o prefabrykacji betonowej" in the Polish version. This handbook will be distributed in construction and construction materials community, universities, associations, etc.

The Association takes a part in a wide range of normalization activities concerning to concrete. The Association takes active part in the works of Technical Committee called by Polish Normalization Committee. At present, on behalf of  SPB, nine members are taking active part in the works of the Committees. We are the most numerously represented in the Technical Committee TC-195 as well as TC-193. The most important achievement of the association is elaboration and issues the documentation of 1400 assortments of concrete.